Autism Now What

by Angela

Two things you should NOT do when you get an Autism Diagnosis.
Why you shouldn’t do them and what TO DO instead!
Today I am going to cut your learning curve and frustration by months maybe even years…I am going to tell you the two things you do not want to do when you get an autism diagnosis..Now if you are thinking your child may have a form of Autism by all means research for the signs and symptoms and please speak with your health care provider.

So the two things you don’t want to do is
1- Google Autism
2- Read every book and article you can find on Autism
Bonus: Don’t talk to anyone family, friends, doctors,…ANYONE who has anything negative to say or who tells you that your child won’t be able to do something!!

The problem I ran into when I did this…Everything you will find will give you a pity party and tell you your life is over! They will convince you that you have been given a death sentence.
Autism is a detour not a death sentence or dead end…I will not tell you that this is an easy journey because that would be an out and out lie! This is one of the hardest things I have ever had t deal with! I have been a teen mom, I’ve been an divorced single mom, I’ve been through foreclosure, repossession, and a lot more that I won’t get into and I assure you nothing compares to getting the diagnosis of Autism and all of what that means and the “baggage” that comes with that!
Besides the devastation of what you think that Autism means and the negative associations, you have a ton of other things from Financial challenges to attempting to keep your sanity intact, to what can range into hundreds/thousands of hours of therapies!

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