Autism and Prayers

by Angela

Autism and Prayers


I am not looking for Sammie to get by in society. Autism will NOT rule our world!!

I am working towards him leaving his mark on society and leaving a legacy for his family!. I am not looking for Sammie just be to be independent and productive…I am working towards Sammie being able to take care of his own family one day. What people fail to understand is that before Sammie was diagnosed with Autism I had big dreams for his life… like I did for my other children, After Sammie was diagnosed with Autism those dreams did not get smaller…they got BIGGER! I know God is able to do all things and I speak life into my Sammie on a daily basis. They say he won’t speak very much, I say he will speak to millions and will have a story to tell that will rock the world! They say he won’t be able to survive in a “social” setting, I say he will have thousands of friends and will inspire millions even after he has left this earth. I say he will mentor not just his peers but will be an inspiration for generations to come!

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